Your Body Belongs To You

No one has a right to inject something in your body without your voluntary consent.

Your interest comes before any one else, especially when it comes to your own body. Your interest is what you bring to a society. A society does not determine what your interest should be.

Liberty means being un-opposed and un-interfered when it comes to certain actions. These are actions based on your requirement to live. We all need to live. The right to life is the basis of all other rights.

The right to be free from forcibly taking a certain medicine is also included in the fact that one has the freedom to take any medicine that they believe in. Even if you want to inject poison, you have every right to. We have the right to flourish or even to kill ourselves as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others. Most of us want to flourish, to be happy and satisfied. We are attracted to the beauty and meaning in this world.

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