Unvaccinated Lives Matter

Unvaccinated people’s lives matter too.

Trampling people’s lives with the idea that “we have eliminated polio because everyone has gotten vaccinated” seems to justify the idea that we can force everyone to join into some people’s utopia.

A majority never has a moral right to impose its utopia on a minority. Individual rights is the real equal right. There is no common good that overrides your individual rights. Respect for your rights is the ultimate common good.

There is no guarantee that at some future time, a problem with the vaccines will not be discovered. That is the fundamental problem with forcing people to do the same thing. A monopoly on force can never be absolutely sure that their solution is in fact eternally the proper one. It is the abuse and the disrespect for rights that have been fought for and are so necessary and precious, especially at a time when they are threatened.

Freedom of speech, movement, and freedom from being molested are core requirements for Life. Similar to the right to breathe, a requirement for living a life worth living has to be respected. Otherwise, without that respect, one is at the mercy of any dictatorial decree that comes down from a central government.

If a vaccine was perfect, the only possible threat that unvaccinated people have is to themselves. An unvaccinated person is not infected. They cannot be treated as someone transmitting.

To coexist in peace, rights have to be defined and respected. That is the greatest threat we face right now.

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