Child Covid Vaccination

In short, the balance of benefit and risk used to support the rollout of mRNA vaccines to the elderly and vulnerable in 2021, is totally inappropriate and inapplicable for children in 2022.
At the bottom of this letter are links to all the fully referenced letters we have written to the MHRA, the JCVI and the CMOs over the past year. The detailed questions posed have never been properly addressed by these regulators.

Groups of health professionals from around the world have similar concerns and indeed some countries have already paused children’s vaccines, particularly for those who have already had SARS-CoV-2 infection. The Danish Minister of Health recently declared that vaccinating children had been a mistake.

You may be aware that members of the Pandemic Response All Party Parliamentary Group have also written regarding increased all-cause mortality in 15-19-year-old males, again with no proper answer.
In addition to concerns about the physical risk to children posed by these products, we would also remind you of the psychological and educational damage to children which resulted from the school closures and masking requirements implemented by your predecessor. We would ask that as a matter of urgency, you make clear that school closures will not be repeated under your watch.

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