BA.5 Outdoor Transmission: The Risk of Catching COVID-19 | Time

The truth is that being outside has never been a sure way to avoid COVID-19 transmission—especially at crowded events, like music festivals, which have been linked to outbreaks in the past. “We certainly hear, in our study, of people who pretty clearly were infected outdoors, so it happens,” says Dr. Donald Milton, professor of environmental health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, who is principal investigator of an ongoing study on COVID-19 transmission. Of course, “it’s still a lower risk than indoors,” but Milton does not feel comfortable in every outdoor situation. “I didn’t go to the fireworks on July 4, and I have not been in any crowds,” he says. “My outdoor activities mostly consist of exercising, riding a bike, walking, and jogging.”

BA.5 seems to evade immunity from vaccines and past infections more easily than past subvariants, which experts say increases risk no matter where you are

Source: BA.5 Outdoor Transmission: The Risk of Catching COVID-19 | Time

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