The Unmasking of America – Brownstone Institute

What lockdowns and mandates have done to society is a painful truth, and one that we will be dealing with for many years. As much as we all just want it to go away, and as much as we all have great cause to celebrate this day, as much as the repeal of the mask mandate represents a symbolic end, no one should lose sight of the deeper problem: all of this happened to us, and not only to us but to billions of people the world over.

It did not happen by accident. It happened because a tiny group of intellectuals, who implausibly gained control over a machinery of power, believed that they had the power to remake the world and used a pandemic to try out their skills. That’s a terrifying reality, and one that should loom large in our minds and hearts for many years to come.

Source: The Unmasking of America ⋆ Brownstone Institute

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