The Unvacinated Collective

We are individuals but the current policy is based on groups. Be it Blacks, Whites, Women, Men, haves vs. have-nots. And now vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. First-class citizens vs. second-class citizens.

The unvaccinated are not the greatest threat to your health. Loss of Liberty is the greatest threat. Loss of individual rights is the greatest threat. Loss of your right to breathe is the greatest threat when the state owns your body. That loss is like a current virus that has taken over too many minds. The idea is that Liberty is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Respect for your rights is ALWAYS good. That never changes.

Unfettered Liberty simply means absolute respect for your individual rights. Individual rights are the true “equal” rights. Everyone has the same right to liberty.

The unvaccinated are simply people that are choosing to treat their own body a certain way. As it should be. They are being treated as if they are carriers of the virus.

Any neighbor is risky in some way. No fellow citizen is completely safe. Any one of us can go insane. Any one of us can have a disease and not know it. Just because there is a potential of a threat does not give us the right to retaliate by force. There is a difference between a potential of a threat vs. a threat. A threat is a real danger not just a fear of it.

Being vaccinated and not being vaccinated have their own dangers. Each of us has a right to make the judgment of what will or won’t go into our bodies. Our right to our life is the fundamental right that we should have.

You deserve to be respected. Our rights deserve to be respected.

A discussion of questions that don’t go answered

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