We don’t have complete government censorship yet as this website is an example. But due to the collusion between government and certain interest groups, there is in effect control of communication that is anti-liberty.

Authoritarianism is a problem in itself, but when justified and motivated by medical policy, it has a meaning of its own.

Medical policy does not determine our overall rights. Rights are based on human nature and medicine is subject to those rights. One never has a right to force an injection on another.

Force in this context is about one human using the threat of physical force to cause another human to do something. That is the basis of involuntary action.

One human does not have a right to the labor of another. That is slavery.

One human does not have the right to force another to practice a religion or treat their body a certain way.

Liberty is to be free from coercion.

Liberty is moral, as it is the right way to be as a society and is a requirement of an individual’s flourishing life.

Respect for Liberty is respect for necessary human boundaries to live a life that is worth living.

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